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As we know Facebook is KING in the social networking world however it now appears hysteria has covered the web in recent days, about Facebook creating a GMAIL KILLER. Let’s calm down and have a look at what really has happened and what will probably happen.

Why are people comparing it to Gmail? Probably since Gmail is used by more tech savvy people and they are more likely to blog about it. Since Gmail has not got the biggest market share let’s talk about Facebook Email vs Email.

The reactions are very mixed. However if we take a step back, is this an original idea from Mr Zuckerman & Co? No. Myspace announced the same service around a year ago did it kill EMAIL or have a significant impact on anything? What do you think? No. But then again, you can no longer compare Myspace and Facebook’s sizes, so has Email really got anything to fear? No not really, but let’s examine why.

If we look closely into what they provide they are both worlds apart. Everything about Facebook is social with the intentions to share. Whereas Email is far more professional, would you really put your @facebook.com email on your CV? Assuming your account will be connected to your Facebook page, you probably wouldn’t want to see your new prospective employers seeing photos of you drunk.

The Facebook email service will attract the younger generation who are now using social networks more and more to contact their friends anyway. So there really shouldn’t be any fear in that demographic, as the battle has already been fought and lost by email.

Unless Facebook pulls something amazing out the bag, the only people this email service will attract is people already using Facebook and who are they most likely to email? Their friends already on Facebook using their Facebook email. So how useful would this feature really be? Will they be offering IMAP/POP3 services, I highly doubt it. So people who are using email for their general purposes now are NOT going to switch over to Facebook email permanently as one solution.

Mark Zuckerberg has said “this is not an email killer” and although he probably wants it to be, sadly we can tell you it won’t. That said we will all probably snap up our custom @facebook.com email as soon as the service goes live but will we be leaving our own custom domain emails? No, nor would any other serious business.

To conclude how useful really is it? With most peoples friends, they are all already on Facebook so why would you use a Facebook email to email someone that’s not on it and change from your current provider. You probably wouldn’t. Hysteria OVER.

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